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Shivesh International


100% Natural Essential Oils

  • Ambrette Seed Oil

    Features : Good Quality, Improves Health Issue, Reliable

    Botanical Name : Abelmoschus Moschatus

    Common Name : Hibiscus Abelmoschus, Musk Mallow, Musk Okra, Ornamental Okra

    Plant Parts Used : Seeds

    Extraction Method : Steam distillation

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    Ambrette Seed Oil

  • Amyris Oil

    Type : Essential Oil

    Ingredient : Sandalwood , Valerianol Elemol

    Botanical Name : Abelmoschus Moschatus

    Plant Parts Used : Seeds

    Extraction Method : Steam distillation

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    Amyris Oil

  • Angelica Root Oil

    Type : Essential Oil

    Botanical Name : Angelica Archangelica

    Common Name : Archangel Root, Wild Celery, Masterwort, Angel’s Herb

    Plant Parts Used : Roots

    Extraction Method : Steam Distillation

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    Angelica Root Oil

100% Natural Carrier & Base Oils

  • Almond Oil Bitter

    Shelf Life : 1Year

    Usage : Body Care, Making Medicine

    Packaging : Glass Bottles, Plastic Bottels

    Form : Liquid

    Features : High Purity, Hygienically Processed, No Added Chemical

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    Almond Oil Bitter

  • Amla Oil

    Type : Amla Oil

    Use : Anti Dandruff, Anti Hair Fall, Hare Care

    Packaging : Glass Bottle, Plastic Bottle

    Ingredient : Amla

    Packaging size : 100ml, 200ml, 250ml, 50ml

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    Amla Oil

  • Avocado Oil

    Raw Material Used : Hass Avocado

    Special Feature : Organic Is Available/ Private Label Available

    Botonical Name : Persea Americana

    Health Benefits : Skin Care

    Purity : 100 %

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    Avocado Oil

100% Natural Spice Oils

  • Ajowan Oil

    Supply Type : Liquid

    Ingredient : Ajwain

    Raw Material : Ajwain

    Botanical Name : Trachyspermum ammi

    Plant Parts Used : Seeds

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    Ajowan Oil

  • Anise Oil

    Type : Pure Essential Oil

    Packaging : Glass Bottels, Plastic Bottels

    Form : Liquid

    Botanical Name : Pimpinella anisum

    Plant Parts Used : Seeds

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    Anise Oil

  • Asafoetida Essential Oil

    Type : Pure Essential Oil

    Packaging Size Available : 10gm

    Feature: : No Artificial Color, Natural Aroma

    Weight (Kg) : 100g, 50GM

    Shelf Life : 1 year

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    Asafoetida Essential Oil

100% Natural Aromatherapy

  • Birch Tar Oil

    Type : Pure Essential Oil

    Appearance : Fluid liquid

    Raw Material: : Wood

    Purity : 100%pure

    Function : Refreshing

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    Birch Tar Oil

  • Cassia Oil

    Type : Cassia Oil

    Shelf Life : 1Year

    Feature : Freshness, Purity

    Packaging : Glass Bottels

    Form : Liquid

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    Cassia Oil

  • Ginger Grass Oil

    Usage : Medicine

    Packaging : Glass Bottles

    Form : Liquid

    Features : Anti-Inflammatory

    Packaging size : 100ml, 250ml, 25ml, 50ml

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    Ginger Grass Oil

100% Natural Ayurvedic Oils

  • Costus Root Oil

    Type : Pure Essential Oil

    Raw Material : Root

    Extraction method : Steam distillation

    Purity : 100 % Pure

    Usage : as a fragrance in cosmetics and perfumes.

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    Costus Root Oil

  • Cypress Oil

    Type : Cypress

    Purity : 100%

    Raw Material : Leaves

    Pale yellow : Pale

    Pack Size : 100-500 ml

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    Cypress Oil

  • Cypriol Oil

    Type : Essential oil

    Plant Parts Used : Root

    Colour : Dark Yellow to Brownish colour

    Place of Origin : India

    Prodct name : Cypriol Oil (Nagarmotha Oil)

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    Cypriol Oil

100% Natural Flora Absolute Oils

  • Benzoin Absolute Oil

    Type : Aromatherapy Essential Oil

    Shelf Life : 6months

    Purity : 99.9%

    Usage : Aromatherapy, Medicine Use

    Form : Liquid

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    Benzoin Absolute Oil

  • Blue Lotus Oil

    Form : Liquid

    Botanical Name : Nelumbo nucifera

    Plant Parts Used : Flowers Petals

    Extraction Method : High standard extraction technique.

    Color & Odor : Blue colored with sweet smelling aroma

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    Blue Lotus Oil

  • Boronia Absolute Oil

    Botanical Name : Boronia megastigma

    Plant Parts Used : Flowers Petals

    Extraction Method : Solvent extraction

    Color & Odor : Dark green viscous liquid with floral odor

    Form : Liquid

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    Boronia Absolute Oil

Other Products

  • Natural Henna

    Application : Parlour, Personal

    Cultivation Type : Common

    Color : Red

    Purity : 100%

    Form : Powder

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    Natural Henna

  • 100% Natural Hair Colors

    Type : Henna Hair Dyes

    Certification : ISO 9001:2008 Certified

    Color : Green

    Packaging : Plastic Packet

    Form : Powder

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    100% Natural Hair Colors

  • Henna Based Hair Colors
    We are one of the leading Manufacturers & Exporters of Henna Based Hair Colors. We offer vibrant shades that produce exact color effects on all hair types. With our extensive research unit and handwork, we have developed an extensive variety of Henna Based Hair Colors and henna based hair

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    Henna Based Hair Colors

  • Indigo Hair Powder

    Use : Cosmetics

    Cultivation Type : Common

    Color : Indigo

    Feature : 100% Natural

    Form : Powder

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    Indigo Hair Powder

  • Indian Herbs

    We are offering Indian Herbs that have excellent medicinal properties. These Herbs contain valuable substances that are believed to have highly effective healing properties. Our specially selected Indian Herbs can be used for the preparation of cosmetics and medicines.

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    Indian Herbs

  • Hair Shampoos

    Type : Herbal Shampoo

    Use : Hair Wash

    Application : Hair, Scalp

    Feature : Anti Hair Fall, Fights Dandruff & Cures Dry Hair

    Form : Liquid

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    Hair Shampoos

  • Herbal Conditioners

    Feature : Provides Moisture, Shining Hairs

    Usage : Hair Care Ingredient, Parlour

    Packaging : Plastic Bottles

    Form : Liquid

    Packaging size : 100ml, 200ml, Etc

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    Herbal Conditioners

  • 100% Herbal Hair Oils

    We have 100% Herbal Hair Oils that promote hair growth, educe irritation and are perfect blend of natural ingredients. We are entrusted with a task of manufacturing & exporting 100% Herbal Hair Oils in the overseas market.

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    100% Herbal Hair Oils

  • 100% Herbal Hair Serum

    From Delhi, India, we are providing 100% Herbal Hair Serum to our global buyers. The Herbal Hair Serum that we offer is a liquid, made up of silicon-based content, amino acids and ceramides.

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    100% Herbal Hair Serum

  • 100% Herbal Body Wash

    Our domain expertise lies in manufacturing and exporting 100% Herbal Body Wash in the global market. We are backed by a team of deft professionals who make use of the premium raw ingredients for formulating it.

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    100% Herbal Body Wash

  • 100% Herbal Face Wash

    Buyers can lay their hands on our high-class array of 100% Herbal Face Wash! It is natural, acquirable at low prices and comes in hygiene tube packaging.

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    100% Herbal Face Wash

  • 100% Herbal Body Massage Oil

    The 100% Herbal Body Massage Oil that we offer to you is a perfect blend of natural and herbal ingredients. We are a high-flying name, involved in manufacturing & exporting Body Massage Oil from Delhi, India.

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    100% Herbal Body Massage Oil